How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions for Longevity

How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions for Longevity

You just spent hundreds of dollars on hair extensions and now you're wondering, How do I protect my investment? Many websites claim that virgin hair extensions and raw hair extensions are able to last 1 year or longer with proper care but what is proper care? The following are 5 tips on how to properly care for your hair extensions at home. 

Tip 1: Prevent Shedding

The most common way hair extensions are manufactured is through wefting. Wefting is the process of taking a collection of hair strands and using a sewing machine to stitch these strands together with thread. This creates a bundle of hair that can be used for sew-ins, quick weaves, ponytail weaves and many other styles.

The problem is stitches become weak overtime. Therefore, to better secure the wefts, you should use an adhesive sealer. We recommend the SalonPro Clear Weft Sealer found online through Walmart. When you receive your bundles you want to unravel them. Spread your bundles across a table. Then apply the sealant onto your wefts. Allow the product to air dry and harden before installing your extensions. 

Tip 2: Avoid Using Many Hair Products

If your hair extensions are good quality, you will not need to use many products on the hair. Yes, you heard me correctly. You will not need to use many products on the hair.  To refresh your wavy and curly hair extensions you only need a mist spray bottle and water. Simply spray water onto the hair, comb the hair, and go!

Avoid adding products to the hair on a daily basis. If you must add products, limit it to once a week. Products that are heavy in alcohol and sulfates should not be used. Click here to read our Top 4 Product Recommendations for Hair Extensions

Tip 3: Wash Your Hair Extensions

Treat your hair extensions like your real hair. If you use products on your hair on a weekly basis, you want to shampoo and condition your bundles every week.

If you do not use products on your hair, you want to co-wash (wash using conditioner only) your hair bi-weekly and shampoo your hair once a month.

We recommend co-washing because it allows you to add moisture to the hair. Shampoo is known to strip hair of moisture which dries the hair out. We do not want dry hair. This is why shampoo is only recommended when you use products on your hair. 

Tip 4: Wrap Your Hair At Night

Every night before bed, you want to pull your hair into a ponytail or braid it down. You will proceed by wearing a bling satin bonnet or silk scarf. This will make sure there is no friction between your hair extensions and your pillow. 

Tip 5: Limit Heat 

The last tip for increasing the longevity of your extensions is to limit using heat on the hair. Heat can be very damaging. We recommend using heatless ways to curl hair such as using hair rods or the sock method. When straightening hair it is important to prep the hair with a hair protectant spray and hair serum.



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