What is Virgin Hair?

What is Virgin Hair?

Looking for quality hair extensions that will last 6 months or longer and you keep running into the name virgin hair but aren't quite sure what it means? No worries! We promise it has absolutely nothing to do with the birds and the bees.

Virgin hair is hair that grows from the scalp of a human. This is hair that has not been processed or chemically altered. This means the hair has not been bleached, dyed, colored or chemically processed. This is good because the hair is deemed to be healthier. Healthier hair lasts longer.

Once the hair is cut from a donor's heads it is washed and is used to create hair extensions, clip-ins, wigs, tape-ins and more. Usually more than one donor is used to create hair extensions and because no two people have the same exact hair pattern, virgin hair is steam-processed.

Steam processing occurs when you take hair from multiple donors and steam it to create a uniform hair pattern such as body wave, deep wave, or curly.

Virgin hair typically lasts 1 year or longer with proper care.  Click here to shop quality virgin hair extensions. 

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