How to Mail in Your Own Hair

Recently ordered our You Provide the Hair wig service? The following are the steps for mailing in your own hair. 

  1. All hair must be mailed in. If you are local we now allow you to drop-off your hair to our office (address will be given within 24 hours of purchase). If you are not local, you will send the hair to the following address:
  2. Make sure you get a tracking number for your package
  3. Respond to your order confirmation email and send us your tracking number
  4. Once we receive your package (typically 2-3 days after being delivered to our PO Box) we will email you letting you know we received your package.
  5. The 7-10 business day turnaround period will start at that moment
  6. Once your wig is finished, you will receive an email with your tracking number
  7. Your package will be shipped to you

Mailing Address:

Eboni Moody, PO Box 2859, Jacksonville, Florida 32203

If your mailing provider doesn't accept PO Box addresses use the following:

Eboni Moody, 1100 Kings Rd #2859, Jacksonville, Florida 32203